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Drinking Glass // Turquoise // Medium

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This handmade juice glass is the larger version of the small drinking glass and ideal not only for juices, but also for water, iced coffee and all other cold drinks. It is made from recycled glass by the Khaled group in Kairo. The artisans who work with the Egyptian fair-trade organisation Yadawee first heat the glass in a melting furnace. They work the glass with a blowpipe and various other tools until has the desired shape. The bubbled structure is typical for this specific process. Since each one is handmade and unique, the dimensions and structures can vary.
Ø7,5 cm, H11 cm recycled glass
Yadawee 1

Die ägyptische Organisation Yadawee hat es sich zur Mission gemacht, hochwertiges Kunsthandwerk aus Ägypten zu fördern und zu exportieren. Dafür arbeitet Yadawee mit ägyptischen Kunsthandwerker*innengruppen zusammen und garantiert gerechte Preise sowie gute Arbeitsbedingungen. Um die Umwelt zu schonen, werden möglichst viele recycelte und natürliche Materialien verwendet.

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