Our business model is geared at creating an impact through sustainable business in three ways:

Equitable income

We purchase the products directly from our partners at a fair price determined by the artisans themselves. This ensures that the prices are not subjected to wage dumping or financial pressure.

Many of our partners are very small businesses. Therefore, we already pay part of the production costs right after the order is placed. With this pre-financing, the artisans for eample buy materials for the products without getting into debt. The rest is paid once the products are shipped to us.

Cooperation with social businesses

Of course we choose our partners according to the quality of the craft. However, a partnership will only be established if they are also committed to the values of a social business. Many of the companies we work with are run by women and/or provide a sustainable income to indigenous communities. Most of the artisans live in remote areas, where their income is based on several different activities and occupations. 

We work with a variety of social businesses in countries such as Egypt, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Laos, Nepal, Peru and many more. At FOLKDAYS x El Puente ‘Made in Bangaldesh’ or ‘Made in Nepal’ does not stand for below-minimum wages and exploitation.

Shaping the discourse and values in fashion

Instead of following short-lived trends, we offer jewellery, accessories and interior products that are designed to last. Far from the fast fashion hype, we hope to inspire an appreciation for high-quality materials and bring you joy without creating overconsumption.